4-cupsFor the household that just wants a little bit of coffee in the mornings, the four cup coffee maker is perfect.  You can often find them in department stores, online, or at any household goods store.  A four cup coffee maker can obviously make four cups of coffee at a time, but it can also make individual cups depending on the amount of coffee and water you add to the machine.

The Benefits of four Cup Coffee Makers

If you want to save space, or are just not a big coffee drinker, four cup coffee makers may be just the thing for you.  They are ideal for couples who live together and would like to share a cup or two of coffee in the mornings, or any time.

The Benefit of Size

Four cup coffee makers are smaller than other coffee makers, so they take up much less space than an eight, ten or even twelve cup maker would.  They are large enough to provide the right amount of coffee for one or two people, but small enough that they can be stashed away in a cabinet or pantry, or even under the sink, while not in use.

The Benefit of Savings

Four cup coffee makers save money, because of their smaller size.  They make a smaller amount of coffee, so it takes a smaller amount of grounds to brew.  Though many people make a dull eight or ten cup, pot of coffee in the mornings, people very rarely drink that much of coffee.  The coffee then gets dumped down the drain, and you are literally throwing your money away with it.

The Benefit of Versatility

With a four cup coffee maker, you can make a small amount of coffee at a time, and if is not enough, you can simply make more when you are ready.  They are versatile in this way that they can be used to make anywhere from one to one hundred cups of coffee.  Coffee can be stored in a thermos or carafe while the fresh coffee brews, so this machine can create enough coffee to slake the thirst of an entire party if need be.

The Benefit of Style

Small coffee pots are very stylish and sleek, and blend in with any kitchen décor.  You can find them in a number of styles, shapes, and finishes.  The colors vary widely.  There is sure to be the perfect coffee maker out there for your taste and decorating style if you only look.  Many companies will even allow you to special order one so it fits in your kitchen. Do you want single serve? read more at Your Dining Center


If you think all of these benefits can help you, it would be a good idea to look for a four cup coffee maker near you.  There are many different stores that sell them, and you can generally find them in the small appliances isle, near the toasters and microwaves.  Make sure to get a brand you trust.  It does not hurt to get a product review online first as well.